We write short two-minute scripts; monologues or 2- to 3-character pieces based on identifiable historical characters. When that isn’t possible, we sometimes create a composite character, based on an historical image or someone who could appear in the historical record, but doesn’t.

Here are some examples from AHW’s work for the New-York Historical Society:

New York Divided: Slavery and the Civil War, November 2006

We used James McCune Smith’s article, “The Heads of the Colored People” as a source to construct dialogues with “nameless but unforgotten people.” Here we ask the visitor to imagine a blacksmith and a Sexton meeting one day.

NY Divided – running time 2:03

Revolution! The Atlantic World Reborn, November 2011

Inside an 18th century tavern setting a group of tables contained audio installations that represented a range of characters who might have inhabited such a tavern. From different walks of life, their minds were filled with ideas of emancipation, equality and liberty.

A Healer – running time: 27

A Mercenary – running time: 22


Du Bois in Our Time
Lynda B. Kaplan recently completed production on this short documentary for the UMASS Amherst University Museum of Contemporary Art. It showcases ten artists who create new works based on the writings and ideas of W. E. B. Du Bois.
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